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About InnoPeers

InnoPeers is an independent consultancy company that specializes on software development and innovation. It was founded in 2018 by Ali Chousein, a senior software engineer with multiple years of experience across many business domains.

In software development, InnoPeers focuses mainly on Android application development and desktop application/middleware development. The founder, Ali Chousein has multiple years of experience in developing software in these domains. As an individual Android application developer, Ali's work was shortlisted for the Appsters Awards in the Most Innovative App category. In the past Ali published 3 apps on Google Play, one of which was acquired by an app development company in California.

In innovation, the focus of InnoPeers is mainly on fast prototyping of new technologies and on crowdsourcing. Fast prototyping experience started thanks to the passion for experimenting with the latest technologies to build mobile mashup apps that are based on the latest online services. Serendipity led to discovering crowdsourcing challenges on online platforms and has become a "passion-from-the-first-sight". Since then Ali has been the only winner of 2 crowdsourcing challenges and one of the top winners of 2 others. InnoPeers has also been advocating crowdsourcing to companies as a modern method for seeking solutions from a crowd of expert.

The philosophy of InnoPeers is: Have a pragmatic, no-nonsense and result oriented approach for getting things done.


Software Development

• Android application development

• Software development in C++ for Windows/Linux

• Test-driven-development

• Continuous delivery

• Plan in Scrum with agile mindset

• Technical competencies:

Android C++ C
Java Python Django
jQuery JavaScript HTML
Git Perforce Bitbucket
ClearCase JIRA Crucible


• Fast prototyping

• Plan in Kanban

• Bottom-up approach and incremental steps

• Crowd-based models




Company Info

InnoPeers is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Please feel free to contact us at:

+31 - (0)6 - 36 58 4240

KvK number: 71746242

BTW number: NL548123871B01

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